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Circle contact lens was to begin with manufactured in South Korea. Designed to give a more pleasant appearance to the eyes, the circle contact lens are in general used by the females and sometimes by males.

The circle contact lens is turning progressively popular as the famous people are utilizing them. But what precisely is it and what does it do? The eyes are made larger in size and naturally pretty. There can be several types of users for color contact lenses, like for people who need bifocal correction, people who want to use oftentimes disposable lenses or people who have astigmatism. You must be careful while choosing colors. What is a circle contact lens?  The amazing effect of this circle contact lens is that the eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

Colored contact lens comes in three varieties- Visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque color tints. The visibility tint is a hue of light blue or green that can enable the user to see distinctly during the insertion and taking off process. The enhancement tint is translucent to the naked eye and actually changes the eye color. The Opaque color lenses make the eyeballs look darker than your regular color. Thus giving you a new look. The Opaque, color tints are quite deep and can actually make your eyes look darker. They have solid pattern colors. There are a whole lot of varieties of colors for lenses and people with dark eyes can choose these for a better impact. Colored contact lenses come in green, blue violet, hazel and a host of other colors.

The manufacturers of these color contact lenses take attention to retain the natural look of the colored portion of the eye. This region being made up of vibrant shapes and lines. Companies that manufacture colored contact lenses have actually mimicked the natural look of the portion of the eye which is colored. Some manufacturers have also gone ahead and provided tiny colored dots on the lenses to give it a very natural look.  What needs to be mentioned here is that the center of the lens, the area over your pupil remains clear so that visibility is not affected. There is another variety of Opaque Color Tints and that's the Theatrical Contact Lens. They have been well known to have been used in movies for a long time but when used on your eyes they can customize the look and make you look like an alien or jaguar etc.

Contact lenses are not interchangeable. Circle and color contact lenses are medical devices and should be used on the advice of an ophthalmologist and are not for sale in the market. Chose your contact lens with caution and just not go by the way your looks will be enhance, Color contact lenses are used for specific purposes as well. Take for example the Light Filtering Lens which is used widely for sportspersons as enhances certain colors by actually muting other colors.  As a result of this the ball is easier to target and is mostly used by golfers, trap shooters, skiers and a whole lot of other sports enthusiasts Manufacturers do make different sizes of lenses and you should have a good trial before you invest in one. The circle contact lens is one which makes the iris look bigger in size. Circle contact lenses were available earlier only in select parts of the worlds but now they are readily available. They have gained popularity among people who want to enhance their appearance by changing the color of their eyes. It definitely enhances the personality and breaks monotony of looks.

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Circle Contact Lens

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This article was published on 2009/08/16