Contact Lens Versus Spectacles

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A contact lens is an optical medical tool often used to correct vision defects or for fashion purposes... Now, over 35 million people in United States embrace the advantage of wearing contact lens instead of traditional eyeglasses, because of its convenience and cosmetic usefulness. First time contact lens wearers will usually feel discomfort when starting to use contact lens. But the benefits of wearing contact lens undeniably prevail over these minor discomforts.

Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

One advantage of contact lenses over eye glasses is versatility. You can wear contact lens in sports, or other physical activities. You can also wear contact lens in humid environment, and in areas where wearing spectacles are very inconvenient, and does not go along with some things you use, such as special headgears, etc. This article will enumerate more advantages of contact lens over glasses to help you decide which of the two best suits you and can really help you.

Contact lenses are worn right at the cornea, thus it offers more natural vision. Objects you see will appear more natural and accurate in size and position with no any distortion. In traditional eye glasses, the distance between the eyes and the glass vary, causing the objects smaller that their actual size.

Contact lenses does not affect any quick body movements, it gives clear and stable vision which is necessary in sports and other physical activities where you need to be constantly moving in different paces. In traditional eye glasses, you have to limit the movements of your head and face to keep the eye glasses from falling, and this is not good when you engage to physical activities like running, as it is unstable and gives a lot of discomfort to active people.

Contact lenses move along with the movements of your eyes, this will keep its wearer to always see through the clearest part of the optic zone. Eye glasses on the other hand, have frames on its glasses and block its wearer's peripheral sight. And when you move your eyes to the side, your vision will be no longer aided by your glasses, causing everything in your vision to blur and distort.

Contact lenses are not affected with the weather; it does not fog up even in cold places, and doesn't get splattered by the rain. It doesn't steam up from body heat or perspiration.

Contact lenses doesn't pinch your nose or press against your ears unlike eyeglasses, and doesn't slide down when you perspire, making it more comfortable to wear. It does not make you look nerdy, which is good for kids.

Severe short sightedness requires wearing of thick eyeglasses. This will make your eyes look very small. Eye glasses do not usually provide accurate correction when the difference between the visual acuity of your eyes is more than 2.5 diopters. Contact lens also provide special protection which is important for one that undergone cataract removal.

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Contact Lens Versus Spectacles

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This article was published on 2010/03/30