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There are a wide range of contact lenses available on the market nowadays. When we choose contact lenses, it is an important point to check if they are comfortable to wear, or else, we will don't like to wear them, and discomforts may cause us some other eye problems. Ever since the creation of contact lens concept by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508, contact lenses have undergone a long history of development. Hereby we will introduce the main types of contact lenses to see which one is the most comfortable.


The oldest contact lenses are hard contact lenses, which are not comfortable to wear as they can not allow oxygen to our eyes, and they are easy to pop off and get lost. But at that time, hard lenses were also favored by people who didn't like the hassle of wearing glasses and worried the glasses would affect their appearance. This concept of lens exists today is called Gas Permeable contact lens (GP or RGPs). Compared with old hard lenses, this kind of contact lens can allow people to have more oxygen in their eyes, and finally contributes to comforts to wear.


Soft contact lens is another main kind of contact lenses. It is more comfortable to wear compared with hard lenses or GP. Though it is not as durable as hard ones, it is easier for people to fit it well on their eyes. In addition, soft contact lens is also gas permeable lens.


Disposable contact lens is very popular with people who don't like cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses. It can be used for a day, a week, two weeks, or a month without cleaning of the lens, and after the valid date, people can just throw them away and change for a new pair. Disposable contact lens is comfortable and healthy to wear as it can prevent protein and pollutant build up or eye infections. The lens can fit on people's eyeball easily and perfectly. And it is true this kind of contact lens is a little expensive.


Color contact lenses are favored by some people who want to change their original eye color or to be attention on some costume parties. Both people with good eyesight and a prescription can choose them. They are made of soft lenses, which is comfortable to wear and easy to fit.


Gas permeable contact lens is also called "breathable" contact lens as it can allow our eyes to have more oxygen to breathe. As we mentioned above, it is often harder, but can make people more comfortable and easier to wear.


Hybrid contact lens is a good option for people with astigmatism who can not wear certain soft contact lenses. It is also gas permeable lens and makes it comfortable to wear as it contains a GP center and softer outer ring. Hybrid lenses come in disposable contact lens and are easier to wear.


Just as a coin has two sides, all of the contact lenses above have their advantages and shortcomings. Therefore, concerning which contact lens is the most comfortable to wear, our answer is the one most suitable for your eye needs is the most comfortable one. For example, for someone who leads an active lifestyle, soft contact lens will be a good option as it can fit on people's eyeball easily and perfectly and also is gas permeable. But for people who have some other eye problems, gas permeable or hybrids contact lens maybe good option as soft ones can not fix. If we want to choose the one most comfortable and suitable for us, or want to switch to another brand of contact lens, it is wise to consult with our eye doctor and listen to their advice as they know our eye condition better and are more professional than us.



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The most comfortable contact lenses

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This article was published on 2010/10/07