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The history of contact lenses has exceeded 100 years which are filled with significant advances as well as risks and side effects. In these uncertain economic times, nearly all groups of people including contact lens users want to save money. However, it is highly discouraged to save the expense of contact lenses through various improper ways. When it comes to body health, the long-term risks far exceed any short-term benefits. This is also the case with contact lenses. Some people manage to save money by wearing their contact lenses for a period longer than the prescription allows. This is quite effective because it reduces the amount of lens consumption. But it is completely wrong.


Any type of contact lenses should be used in strict accordance with recommendations made by an eye care practitioner. And any type of contacts has a certain period that can be lasted. Using a lens for a longer time may lead to a lot of eye conditions, like abnormal blood vessel growth on the cornea, epithelial microcysts, thinning of the cornea and reduced corneal sensitivity. The reason is that those overused lenses will reduce the amount of oxygen that can be transmitted to the eyes. Such a decrease of oxygen in the eye is very dangerous. Insufficient oxygen in the eye is closely associated with hypoxic conditions which are major causes of some serious infections, such as microbial Keratitis, a painful and potential sight-threatening corneal infection.


Once there is a condition caused by contact lens overuse, it will cost the wearer much more time and money. The life quality associated with vision is surely to be affected. Contact lenses really deserve enough care. Even if these lenses are properly used, there are potentially common problems, like excess tearing, itching, burning, dryness, light sensitivity, and distorted vision. While following the fixed replacement interval, it is also imperative to clean and disinfect contact lenses on a regular basis.


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Use contact lenses properly

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This article was published on 2010/10/14